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Grassroots is a collaborative partnership between the Durham Catholic School Board and EnactusDC. This collaborative partnership seeks to develop local food production solutions and an experiential learning environment for students in their school yard, to empower them towards food literacy and social entrepreneurship. 

Using a passive solar greenhouse design as the hub for an urban micro-farm we aim to develop a sustainable food production model which promotes food security, local self-reliance and improves the livelihoods of students, their families and the community in an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable way. The Passive Solar Micro-farm will be a fully integrated, small scale food production system that uses renewable energy solutions, natural building techniques, and bio-intensive systems to integrate design elements into a multi-functional interconnected small farm system. 


The Passive Solar Micro-Farm will be part greenhouse, part learning space, part micro-farm headquarters. It will feature a production area, nursery, food processing and pantry capacities, seed storage, tools and supplies storage and a collaborative learning space. The Passive Solar Micro-farm will act as the headquarters for all the elements of a small scale bio-intensive micro-farm and be a model for local sustainable food production solutions.