In 2017, Canadians currently living below the poverty line failed to claim up to a billion dollars in essential government benefits, grants and bursaries by failing to file their taxes. $60,000,000 of which could have positively impacted lives in the Durham Region alone. There is a financial literacy gap, that needs to be filled by the combined efforts of volunteers and social service agencies, willing to empower people within the Durham region to make sure these lost funds reach the families they were designed to support and bridge the financial literacy gap. 


Money Makes Sense in partnership with the Social Services Department of the Durham Region, working to fill the gap by facilitating the recruitment and training of volunteers in order to ramp up efforts to address this need within the Durham Region. In the past temporary tax clinics have operated within the Durham Region in central locations within the communities demonstrating the greatest need. At current capacity this type of intervention has historically been able to recover up to 7.5 million in tax dollars. Money Makes Sense hopes to double the current number of tax clinics from 6 to 12 and reclaim up to $20,000,000 in lost benefits.